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Do you need help to speak and write better English?

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Do you need help to speak and write better English?


Hello, my name is John O’Connell and I am a professional, Australian born, native English speaking private tutor who has taught English to international language students for over 20 years.


The main areas I teach are:


-              Speaking skills, especially pronunciation

-              Writing skills, editing etc.

-              IELTS, and OET exam preparation

-              University writing etc. including editing and revision of theses

-              Shakespeare


For IELTS students I have many writing and speaking practice questions some of which I can give to you. I will correct all your writing by making an error list and providing spoken answers to questions which you may record or write down.


To help you to learn to speak English more clearly and fluently I will teach you the four English speaking skills: pronunciation, stress, rhythm and intonation. I’d like to teach students who truly want to improve their English through steady, regular effort at speaking and writing practice activities.


I have many teaching materials to help you learn better English including professional English speaking skills practice books (you buy the photocopies) with CDs and MP3 audio-files (which I shall give you for free) such as Sounds of English, Well Said Intro, Ship or Sheep, Clear Speech, English Pronunciation in Use as well as writing and IELTS learning materials. 


To show you how to speak better I also use a light and a mirror and require you to record my speech then to compare it with your own. This gives you feedback to improve when you practice again.


I have undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Queensland, including study in linguistics. University students, language school students, and anyone interested to improve their English are welcome to try my free, introductory, one hour lesson.


I teach from my home at Annerley near Fairfield train station (2 Zones), about 15 and 20 minutes by bus 100, 116, 123, 124 and train from the city at the Ekibin Rd bus stop on Ipswich Rd. I can meet you at the train or bus stop.


Would you like to try my free one hour English lesson? If your answer is yes, please contact me to make an appointment. English only please.  Ring or email me but do not send text messages.



Individual: $30/hour or $ 60/2 hours

Two or more: please speak to me about the fee

Phone: 32559640

Mobile: 0438 384 459



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