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⭐Year 5-12 : Math/Chemistry/Physics/Biology ⭐Year 10-12: UCAT⭐

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3210 UCAT 

99.80 ATAR


< Year 12 Results >

English: 99/100

Mathematical methods: 99/100

Specialist mathematics: 99/100

Biology: 98/100

Chemistry: 99/100

Physics: 99/100

Korean: 96/100

Griffith University GUESTs Chemistry: GPA 7/7


<Offered so far >

Provisional entry into ANU Medicine (offered)

University of Newcastle/University of New England (JMP) - Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (offered)

University of Adelaide - Bachelor of Medical Studies and Doctor of Medicine (offered)

(Waiting for more offers now)


< Scholarships offered >

ANU Bright Horizons Scholarship ($40000 total)

UQ Liveris Academy Undergraduate Scholarship ($40000 total)

UQ Excellence Scholarship ($24000 total)

Monash Kickstart Scholarship ($3000 total)

Melbourne National Merit Scholarship ($8000 total)

Melbourne Narrm Scholarship ($26000 total)

Griffith University Chancellor’s Scholarship ($3000 total)

Griffith University Vice Chancellor’s Academic Achievement Scholarship ($32000 total)


<Interviews Offered so far>

UQ (Medicine),

Monash (Medicine),

UNSW (Medicine),

UoA (Medicine),

UoA (Dentistry),

UniSQ (Medicine),

New England/Newcastle (JMP) ((Medicine),

CSU (dentistry),

Sydney (dentistry),


Hi, my name is Joshua!


I'm a fresh 2023 graduate from Brisbane State High School who has the knowledge and passion to be your tutor! As someone who has just left the high school landscape, I know how tough school can be. I haven't always had exceptional results in my classes, and I know that it's not easy to improve. But I worked extremely diligently, and by the time I got to year 12, I scored exceptionally well in all of my courses. While most students undertook 6 subjects, I studied 8 subjects, including a university course (which I received a perfect score in). Through my own experiences, I am positive I can show you the way to success. I’ve been a student at several tuition centres and I have also been a tutor for the past two years, helping both primary and secondary school students. Whatever it is, I guarantee that you will have something to take away from your experience with me.


What sets me apart from the other tutors is that, as the most recent high school tutor you can find, I have the most up-to-date resources and knowledge that you need to succeed in 2024. I’ve also tried every exam and past external paper on QCAA, so I can definitely help you work through those, up to the external exams that I sat myself. More specifically, my tutoring revolves around maximising the marks that you can receive in every assessment and exam by focusing on the marking guides and syllabuses, helping you achieve the results that you’re looking for.


As a bonus, if you're also someone going for academic or leadership scholarships, applying to medicine, or wanting to get ahead with UCAT, I can support you when you need. For UCAT especially, I've used MedEntry, Medify and iCanMed to prepare, so if you're wanting to know more about those platforms, I can provide you with advice. With medicine/dentistry interviews, the same thing applies. I’ve had private classes to prepare myself, so I know how to best tackle interviews to help you get into medicine or dentistry.


If you'd be interested in my tutoring service, feel free to send me a text or email!


I'm looking to tutor online or in-person, near Brisbane's Southside. For in-person lessons, I'm happy to meet at Sunnybank Hills Library or Garden City Library, or wherever that works for both of us (price may increase)!

Online - $50

In-person - $60

(UCAT is +$15)

*Up to Year 9 is $10 off per hour

Contact: Joshua 0476 475 746

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