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APOS Labour is looking for workers for this coming strawberry season!

2021.02.18 15:33 14 0


Hi, this is Belle from the HR department in APOS Labour.


As you already aware, strawberry season is coming and we are going to start planting in mid-March then picking and packing will commence soon after. 


The farms I am introducing are Sunray Strawberries which is already well-known and OZ Strawberry, the rising star. 


If you are willing to work more while you work at strawberry farms we can offer you to work at a raspberry farm, Perfection Raspberries. I can help you to target your financial goal with non-stop working. 


APOS Labour office is located at Caboolture, only 5 minutes walk away from Caboolture station. When you need help, pop up and ask one of our friendly staffs at the office. We hope that every worker enjoys working with us in trust for the coming season. 


Let me explain how planting works. There are two types of seedlings, one is plug plant in the first picture and bare root in the second. 



You will get paid higher rates when you plan plug plants ($60-$70 per 1,000 plants) however, you have to carry each tray with 50 plug plants every time to plant. It wastes time to go in and out from rows. On the other hand, you can carry bare-root plants in one big plastic bag, in the end, you can earn more money compared to plug plants (usually 2-3 times). We got promised from our engaged farms this year there will be only bare-root plants and the unit price is the highest ever! So it will be $50 per 1000 plants this year ????


We are here to support your documentation for;


- 2nd& 3rd-year visas

- Corona temporary visa

- applying for Relocation assistance 


% Corona temporary visa is for people who work in the agricultural industry and it allows those people to stay in Australia for up to 12months. To apply for this visa, you need to contract with farms and submit relevant documents which we can help with. 


% Relocation assistance supports people financially whom the government pay up to $6000 for Australian or $2000 for a visa holder with the right to work in Australia. You must work at least 90 minutes away from where currently live and must complete at least 6 weeks and 120 hours of work. 


If you want to keep working with us, there will be more jobs waiting for you after this strawberry season. 


Please fill out this simple form before contacting me.


Feel free to contact me and ask any questions about working with us. Our office is open Mon-Fri from 9.30 am to 6 pm. 


Hope to see you soon.


Belle Kim

Phone: 0493 075 501


Kakao talk: amazingbelle

Line: mypurplerainboots


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