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[Brisbane] Become a confident & fluent English speaker fast - guaranteed!! (1:1/2…

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Kakao: matt205

SMS: 0415 807 205

Wechat: Matthew_Nelson


More Info:

My name is Matthew and I'm an ESL Communication Trainer with 23,000   hours experience. I have assisted hundreds of students to achieve their educational & personal goals since 2007.

I specialize in developing general, social & professional-level communication skills (speaking & listening). Pronunciation therapy, spoken grammar revision, vocabulary enhancement & boosting confidence are the key inclusions and you will also be provided with a feedback and personalized example page each day which can be utilized as practical self-study material and progress indicator.

I can intensively discuss most topics without boundaries, therefore particular topics that you would like to focus on for vocabulary accumulation relevant to your major, career or in preparation for IELTS can be requested. A combination of freestyle conversation and set topics are encouraged.

자신감넘치는 영어를 하고싶으세요? 

기초영어가 필요하신분, 기초영어지식은 있으나 스피킹이 어려우신분, 아이엘츠 수업까지 모두 맞춤형으로 진행하고있습니다. 

시티/ 밸리/ 뉴스테드/ 싸우스뱅크 모두 가능하구요 

주로 커피숍이나 도서관에서 진행하고있으며 방문과외도 가능합니다. 호주 원어민 선생님 성함은 matt 이구요, 수업은 주로 발음교정, 단어향상, 스피킹, 문법검토및 개개인에 따른 맞춤형학습으로 자신감 강화에 초점을 맞추고 있습니다. 연락은 0415 807 205로 문자 주시거나 matt205 으로 카톡주세요. 그럼 좋은 하루 되시구요 영어 화이팅입니다!

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